“Risk Management is up to the Boss”

What is it all about?

“… to protect the individual against his right to privacy being impaired through the handling of his personal data.” – in short, it’s about Data Privacy, as governed by the German Federal Data Privacy Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG).

Why should you bother – for example, as a company boss?

For the handling of personal data, be it internally about clients and associates or externally when outsourcing or within a group of companies, there apply strict legal provisions (lawfulness of data processing or transfer, registration and notification duties, technical-organizational measures, service provider contracts).

Knowing these and adhering to them is the responsibility of company management; breaches may be fined as administrative or criminal offenses, also there is the risk of public damage of reputation.

How can we help you?

Following an analysis of the current state and a documentation of all kinds of personal data that are processed in the enterprise, we determine necessary improve­ments, if any, e.g. in the areas of staff training, organization, or wording of outsourcing contracts. If so desired, we also accompany the subsequent implementation.

Furthermore, appointing us as external data protection official discharges you from the obligatory registration with the competent data protection authority, and new business processes can already be optimized at the planning stage.

This way you create legal certainty and at the same time you demonstrate to your clients, associates and other “data subjects” your responsible handling of their personal data – increasingly a competitive advantage today.

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